Steel production outside China continues to decrease

El fin de la edad del hierro

15 Apr The end of the Iron Age

Due to oversupply and low growth in demand for this material, some analysts are beginning to believe that iron ore prices will never be the same. According to The Steel Index, currently ore price is $ 47 per tonne, although Citi analysts predict that in 2015...

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Reciclaje del Acero en España

15 Apr The immortal steel

The Spanish industry recycled in 2014, 10.6 million tons of metal, making Spain one of the main protagonists of this immortal recycling material, together with Germany and Italy, and highlighting in first position as volume over all others materials recycled. In Spain, more steel than the...

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USA acero en 2019 (1024px)

02 Apr The US steel industry in 2019

Currently, USA It is the third largest producer of steel in the world, producing approximately 5.4% of crude steel. According to the report "US Steel Industry Outlook 2019", in 2014 crude steel production grew by 4.8% while consumption became 5.7%. Furthermore, this trend is expected...

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Innovation steel Forginx

02 Apr A light and flexible steel

South Korean scientists have developed a new type of steel consisting of iron, carbon, manganese, aluminum and nickel, which is besides being just as strong, is softer and lighter. Previous attempts had resulted alloys too weak, since they did was add aluminum to the mixture of...

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