The European steel industry feels threatened by the Asian giant

Manuel Valls

31 Mar The European steel industry feels threatened by the Asian giant

The attacks that occurred last week in Brussels altered the meeting between Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and Manuel Valls, the French prime minister. But nevertheless, they were finally able to address the decline of the European steel industry.

As Juncker said “the steel industry is not any industry. It generates 300,000 direct jobs and more than one million indirect”. So Valls asked France’s support for the measures proposed by Brussels to defend the Chinese export sector.

The European steel industry continues being the second most powerful behind China. Moreover, Eurofer says that “in the last three years has seen a 100% increase in Chinese steel exports to the EU”. The Asian giant has gone from being a dangerous rival to a lethal threat. In fact, he says that China has increased its market share
“thanks to dumping, selling their products below cost.”

The European Community will strengthen the export control of Beijing. It also ensures that measures are being despite defensive measures may be long in coming because tariffs need a procedure before they can enter into force.

The Commission, on 16 February, adopted a communication where promise to tighten dumping control and to adopt preventive accelerate tariffs and retaliation.

Brussels proposes to raise anti-dumping tariffs in the steel sector, according to Eurofer said. In some cases the tariff has been much less when it should approach 60%. Most of the Commission’s proposals need the approval of the Council of Ministers of the EU.

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