The immortal steel

Reciclaje del Acero en España

15 Apr The immortal steel

The Spanish industry recycled in 2014, 10.6 million tons of metal, making Spain one of the main protagonists of this immortal recycling material, together with Germany and Italy, and highlighting in first position as volume over all others materials recycled.
In Spain, more steel than the sum of the remaining material is recycled together. It is a market with undeniable environmental and economic benefits in an environmentally friendly and committed to safety cycle, which is possible thanks to the awareness of all chain operators.
The Spanish steel industry has enough to recycle all steel scrap generated in the country and also adds value to total environmental guarantee to 5 million tonnes of scrap imported from abroad capability.
Steel is a material recycling yields almost 100%, its performance in the recycling process is comparable to that of the noble metals and their magnetic properties facilitate their recovery very easily, regardless of which were collected together or separately, thus ensuring that virtually all of the available steel is recycled.

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